Until imakei brand can be

Quality of trust and commitment Akoya pearls

Japanese Akoya pearls that are said to be beautiful most fine texture transparent feeling in the pearl.
Since its inception we are stuck with this Akoya pearls.
Also from the people of farmers and received a trust, we have been producing good pearl quality.

Information gathering

Uwajima , Kyushu , and build leading farmer -san and strong pipe of Ise , and provides for purchase by information collected through one year.
In the farm, spring, nuclear purse is carried out in mother shellfish, and is suspended off the coast of the raft.
Management many times by the hand of those of farmers, training has been raised shellfish, will be salvaged from the sea around November to February.
At this time, it called “Hama-age” the task of collecting the pearl from shellfish.
Such is born a beautiful pearl even bother to work, it is only a few.


Hama fried suppliers

Once a year, when the beach fried of the work is taken out by raising the shellfish from the sea will be in low water temperature, which is done when the sea water temperature is low, you get a glossy fine pearl layer is referred to as “Terri” is wound.
When it comes to Hama-age season, professionals of suppliers, make sure this year can of pearl around skilled in the art.
When in December to March the purchase bid meeting begins with a fishermen’s cooperative association of each locality, professional suppliers will challenge the bid meeting in hardball raise the collective effort.
Every year, we are proud of the high purchase record.
Now Kei brand, will start from here.



Pearl that has been purchased in such tender, are collected in Kobe headquarters.
Gathered pearls, are divided by size.
Pearls were divided into size, then the winding, Terri (gloss), color, scratches, for further how holes are sorted into shape, is finely screened and the like for both holes.
Selection of pearl is done in the windowsill of shake a small amount of light is north-facing.



Sorted pearl, go to the drilling of the next step.
The drilling is the process for processing the pearl jewelery.
Drilling of pearls, as long as it is a necklace that is used in both holes the open ring and earrings, such as a square hole for the passage of the yarn drill Hoana.
Craftsman drilling the hole, drill a hole to determine the position of opening the hole to look at every single ball in one hand tweezers instantly.
We will continue to drill a hole in the 3,000 to 5,000 of the balls a day.



Processing and is that repeating technology special cleaning to regain the original shine to the pearl you lose your technology and shine to remove impurities in the pearl layer.
In this processing step, it is essential work of sorting.
Containing pearl processing is repeatedly performed over a period of about 5-7 months.
Selection during processing, in particular using the nerve, determined pearl good or bad is in this process.



Continuous set of necklace to uniform divided finely quality such as quality and Terri Maki form scratch color.
Pearl that has been screened many times, and prepares the continuous phase is arranged in the communication platform.
Continuous phase will be assembled into a single necklace is sorted on the communication platform using the tweezers.
The continuous phase, it is the uniform sense of necklace. The more if uniform will clean necklace.


Imakei brand completion of

Ream that has been assembled in one by one manually, will be evaluated separately to the lot of each quality.
Evaluated necklace is shipped from now Kei Pearl.