Trivia of Pearls

Pearls gracefully choreographed grace from the sea

Megumi of nature pearls that are produced from the sea.
Glow of the mysterious beauty of nature itself.

Kind of pearl

Akoya pearls

Of Akoya pearls in Japan is said to be the origin of the cultured pearl in the world
Size is 3mm ~ 10mm position, general pearl size is 7mm ~ 8mm.
Shape, round, deformation, projection, etc.
Color is pink, white-based, Glynn system
Cream-based, it is a gold-based and versatile color.
Color and luster as compared with the other pearl is particularly beautiful is characterized.
Japanese Akoya pearls, by Japan-specific four seasons
High clarity of pearl layer to be formed
Beautiful is characterized.

The main country of origin
Japan, South Korea, China and Southeast Asia

White butterfly pearl

Size are as up 8mm ~ 20mm position
Typical size is 10mm ~ 13mm.
Shape, round, semi-round and drop
There is a button Baroque Circle.
Color is pink White Silver White White
Gray, yellow, gold and it is colorful.
White butterfly shell There are two types,
In Australia, the silver lip,
In Indonesia and the Philippines, and gold lip
There has been farmed.

The main country of origin
Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.

Black pearl

Size, there is a thing of 7mm ~ 18mm position,
Typical size is 9mm ~ 11mm.
Shape, etc. round semi-round and drop Circle.
Color is Green Black Green Blue
There is such a gray-black-brown.
For 95% of the production volume of black pearl can be taken in Tahiti
It is also known as Tahitian pearls.

The main country of origin
Polynesia (Tahiti), Cook Islands, Fiji


Quality Commitment

And farmers of think rich natural environment

In the farms of Japan, by the temperature difference between the seawater by the rich natural environment and unique to Japan of four seasons, fine-grained pearl layer is created.
Farmers, in lovingly between the performs every day to confirm the state of the sea and Akoyakai one year working in the production of pearls.
These commitment has created the pearl of the highest quality.

Shine of the best pearls

In order to pursue the best shine , pearls be finished until the end sparing no effort by hand of the craftsman is crafted jewelry , such as necklaces and rings put the thoughts of many people